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Monopoly Live: rules, tips and betting strategy

Monopoly Live is a live casino game that was released on February 2019 by Evolution (formerly known as Evolution Gaming). You have probably guessed it by its name: this game is a live casino version of the Monopoly board game. Did you know that Monopoly is the fourth best-selling board game of all time? Evolution Gaming really did a great move by adapting it into a Live Casino game. Online casino players from all over the world appreciate this game.

Today, Madness Bonus tells you everything there is to know about Monopoly Live. You will learn its rules, discover some tips and even a few betting strategies you can apply when playing this game.

This is the fifth article about Evolution’s casino game shows. If you want to discover their other titles, read the previous ones about Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, Crazy Time, Deal or no Deal Live and Lightning Dice.

On which casinos is Monopoly Live available?

Being part of Evolution’s games library, Monopoly Live is available to be played on almost every online casino around the world. You will have no problem whatsoever finding a casino on which you can play this great live casino game. Here is a selection of trusted online casinos on which you can play Monopoly Live.

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Our opinion on Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is the perfect proof Evolution knows what online casino players want. Creating a live casino version of such a famous board game could only be a success with the talent of this game studio. As soon as it was released, this game was an instant hit with players.

There are two things we really appreciate about this live casino game show. The first one is that it is a fast paced game on which you can set automatic bets. Another nice thing about this game is its bonus round that transports you on a 3D Monopoly board with an animated Mister Monopoly.

How to play Monopoly Live

You want to learn how to play Monopoly Live? You are at the right place. This game is Evolution’s second wheel game. The first one is Dream Catcher that came out two years earlier, in 2017. With Monopoly Live, Evolution brings its casino game shows to a whole new level with the addition of a 3D character (Mr Monopoly) and a bonus game that is also entirely in 3D. We can say without any doubt that this game and its success contributed in making the idea of Crazy Time germ in the mind of Evolution.

When connecting to Monopoly Live, you discover a studio that is enhanced with augmented reality. There is a great looking city background (Monopoly city), and Mr Monopoly is sitting on an armchair drinking tea. He waits patiently for the bonus rounds to be triggered. The centre of interest of this game is of course the 54 segments wheel that sits in the middle of the studio. This is a game with a live host. It is this host who spins the wheel and interacts with players.

monopoly live evolution gaming

Let’s see how a game of Monopoly Live unfolds.

Monopoly Live: the game interface

The Monopoly Live interface is made of different sections. The main one sits at the bottom centre of your screen. This is of course the betting area. Directly to its right you can see the 21 previous wheel spins and their respective outcomes. Below the “previous spins” section are four buttons:

  • A graph icon: By clicking on this button, you can check the outcome of the 49 previous spins.
  • A play button: This one allows you to enable the automated spin mode. It automatically repeats your previous bet, the number of times you want. You can set it to: 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100.
  • The “+ table” button: Like its name indicates, it allows you to open multiple Evolution games at the same time.
  • The hall button: This button takes you back to the Evolution lobby where you can choose a new game to play.
monopoly live

On the top left of the screen you can see the chat with messages from the other players. If you hover your mouse on the text “MONOPOLY Live” that is located on the top corner, it will display the game payouts. Your current balance and bet are displayed on the bottom left. Finally, the settings section is located on the top right corner. It allows you to display / hide the chat, change the video quality, mute / unmute the game, see your betting history and display the game rules.

Betting area and outcomes

The smallest bet you can place on this game is 0,10€. The biggest bet depends of the casino you are currently playing on. The record multiplier to have ever been achieved on Monopoly Live is a x9,600.

Find the Monopoly Live betting area below.

monopoly live bets

You can bet on 6 different outcomes:

  • 1: There are 22 ones on the wheel. It has a payout ratio of 1:1.
  • 2: There are 15 twos on the wheel. It has a payout ratio of 2:1.
  • 5: There are 7 fives on the wheel. It has a payout ratio of 5:1.
  • 10: There are 4 tens on the wheel. It has a payout ratio of 10:1.
  • 2 rolls: There are three segments with the 2 rolls bonus feature.
  • 4 rolls: There is only one segment with the 4 rolls bonus feature.

The 2 rolls and 4 rolls bonus features

When the wheel lands either on 2 rolls or 4 rolls, Mr Monopoly stands up and takes you to the bonus round. You are taken to a 3D Monopoly board where the bonus game will be played out. Depending if you got the 2 rolls or the 4 rolls bonus you will receive either 2 or 4 dice rolls.

monopoly live 2 rolls

Every square from the Monopoly board has a multiplier attached to it. Depending on the outcome of the dice roll, you can either land on a multiplier, on Chance, on Community Chest or go to jail. It’s Mister Monopoly himself who advances on the board. If the dice roll out come is a double, you win one more dice roll. The bonus round stops when you are out of dice rolls.

monopoly live 4 rolls

At the end of the bonus, your bet is multiplied by the total multiplier you collected during the rolls.

The Chance feature

There are two segments featuring the Chance feature. When the wheel lands on this, you either receive a random cash prize or a random multiplier. This multiplier comes with a free wheel spin. The multiplier is applied to the outcome of this free spin. You can either have a number outcome that gets multiplied, or the 2 rolls / 4 rolls total multiplier that gets multiplied. Things can really get huge if you hit chance several times in a row and then hit a 2 rolls / 4 rolls.

monopoly live chance feature

Monopoly Live: tips and betting strategies

One thing you should never forget when playing Monopoly Live is that this is a casino game. Being so, it relies on luck and there is nothing you can do to influence the outcome of this game. What you can do though is to apply some basic tips and betting strategies to play this game smarter.

Play the numbers for more consistent wins

There are more segments on the wheel with numbers than with bonus rounds. If you want more consistent wins, place bets on 1s and 2s. Of course, you have chances to win more frequently but it will be smaller amounts.

ALWAYS bet on 2 rolls and 4 rolls

The best piece of advice we can give you is to always bet on the 2 rolls and 4 rolls features. You don’t want to forget this very important bet. Just imagine if a 2 rolls or a 4 rolls happens and you forgot to place your bet. You do not want to be that player.

Know when to stop playing

You are having an unlucky session with not a single big win? Stop playing Monopoly Live and come back to the game later. Knowing when to stop playing is very important. It will avoid you to lose even more money. Do not go on tilt.

Choose your betting strategy

You basically have two options when it comes to choosing a betting strategy on Monopoly Live. Do you want to go for a low volatility strategy or a high volatility one? The low volatility strategy consist in betting on 2 rolls, 4 rolls as well as on some numbers. The high volatility one consists in betting only on 2 rolls and 4 rolls, but with bigger bets.

About Evolution Gaming

World famous live casino games studio, Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006. It is the number one in its domain thanks to the innovative games it creates. This studio keeps creating and releasing a lot of games every year. All of their games are appreciated by the players.

This studio offers a lot of games to its players such as Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and Baccarat. It has also imagined adaptations of TV game shows such as Monopoly Live and Deal or no Deal Live. It also offers its players a great selection of casino game shows such as Mega Ball, Dream Catcher, Crazy Time, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt…

You want to learn more about Evolution? Don’t hesitate to read our article « Evolution Gaming: all about the best Live casino game provider ».

Frequently asked questions

Is this game difficult to play?

Monopoly Live really is an easy game to play. It does not take a long time of observation to understand how it works. Once you have understood the basics of this game, start playing. You will quickly have a lot of fun.

What is the maximum potential win of Monopoly Live?

On a single round of Monopoly Live you can win up to 500,000€. The biggest multiplier ever achieved on this game was a x9,600. It happened on Tuesday, 28th April 2020.

Is it possible to play Monopoly Live in demo mode?

It is unfortunately not possible to play Monopoly Live nor any of Evolution live casino games in demo mode. These games can only be played with real money.

Do I have to deposit big to play this game?

It is not necessary to deposit a lot of money to play Monopoly Live. As we said before the minimum bet on this game is 0,10€. Having fun is not about playing high stakes, but about hitting big multiplier.

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Monopoly Live made easy

Monopoly Live is a live casino game created by Evolution Gaming. It is of course inspired by the World famous board game of the same name. We tell you everything you need to know on this game.

Discover its rules and some betting strategies. Play this game on the best casinos of the moment with Madness Bonus.

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