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Affiliation: how to win money with online casinos?

If you like playing casino and watch streams on Twitch on a regular basis, you have probably already dreamt of becoming a casino affiliate in order to get free gambling sessions to broadcast for your audience. The problem is you don't know where to start and who to ask to get there. For the first time in the history of casino affiliation, Madness Bonus is choosing to tell you how to get into the online casino affiliation business, and how to start making money.

Madness Bonus is an established business that generates thousands euros of benefits per months through casino affiliation.

We have chosen to tell you for the first time in the history of affiliate casinos how to get into online casino affiliation and how to make money with it, without spending any euros.

There are various deals of affiliation you can get:

How to get affiliation deals?

In order to get affiliation links from gambling operators, you have to contact as many casinos as you can via e-mail. Only get in contact with trustworthy casinos.

The mail should state how many subscribers you have (if you’re a streamer), the quantity of depositig players you think you can bring every month, who you are, how many times a week you play casino and any information that you think is important and will capture the interest of the casino reading it.

How to negotiate deals with online casinos?

There are several ways to get the interest of online casinos web marketing team:

Once you check these criterias, you can negotiate on a few points:


Not everyone is a born negotiator. Someone who never negotiated before will always get a bad deal. Check this to learn the basics of negotiation skills & how to close a deal.

Once your deal with the casino is validated, you can negociate it again as many times as you want every few months if you have a growing audience.

The negotiation takes place between you and your affiliate manager : a casino employee who is your preferred interlocutor in your affiliating relationship with the casino.

You can list as many bonuses offers as you want on your website. We even encourage you to be partenered with at least a dozen of casinos which will result in putting them in competition and help you to negotiate better deals for your players.

The more bonus offers you have, the more affiliates you will get and the better your offers will be.

Casino affiliation is an exponantial way of earning money if you work for it.

Casino affiliation is a great opportunity

Being a partner to online casinos can only make you win money; you will never owe the casino or refund it if your affiliated players win to much money.

In conclusion, casino affiliation is an inexpensive business which can get you to earn an important amount of money if your player base keeps growing.

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