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From €50 to €500.000 on Crazy time: the win of a lifetime

In the matter of only three days, a French online casino player managed to win €500,000 from a starting balance of €50. How did he do it? Will he be able to withdraw his winnings? Madness Bonus tells you everything about this crazy story.

12-28-2020 update – Unfortunately, this french player will never be able to withdraw his winnings. In fact, the casino found out that he had created two accounts on their website in the past, which is a violation of VegasPlus terms and conditions. Because of this, they voided his winnings.

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Unbelievable. A French player playing on VegasPlus casino has achieved the incredible feat of winning €500,000 with a deposit of only €50. All of this happened on Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time. Madness Bonus talked with him and will tell you everything about this crazy story.

This is the story of GregHouse, a French casino player who has just made the biggest win of his life.

From €50 to €500,000: how did he do it?

It all starts 3 days ago, when GregHouse deposits $50 in raw money on VegasPlus casino. He’s been a regular player on this casino for about a year and has bet over €4,000 over that period of time.

Because he loves the thrill of Live Casino games, he starts his session alternating between Crazy Time and Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack tables, and plays on his smartphone.

That’s when things started going crazy!

During his first day of betting, he gets his balance from €50 to €1500 and puts €1200 in withdrawal. With the remaining €300 he manages to end his day with a balance of €40000, still on Crazy Time.

Good session, isn’t it?

Did you think he was going to stop there?

At the beginning of the second day he got a bit greedy and his balance went down to 6000€. Luckily, he gets several big multipliers on Crazy Time and ends his day at €90,000.
You can see some of his hits in Roshtein’s VOD below:

Shall we do it again?

On the third day, GregHouse hesitates to play again with his incredible balance of 90000€ and he finally tells himself that he should try to push his luck a bit further. He continues to play on his phone and places bets of 5650€ on Crazy Time.

In just 5-6 hours of playing, his balance reaches €400,000! He continues to play. His balance goes up and down to one last incredible hit: €100,000 (€2,000 x 50). 5 minutes later, his account is blocked by the casino for investigation.

Seconds only before his biggest win…
There we go!! Congratulations!

Why was his account blocked?

When a player makes such huge winnings, it is a common procedure for online casinos to block their account to ensure that they have played without abuse of any kind. The player just needs to be patient and wait for the verifications to be made.

A betting history everyone dreams about!

He contacted the casino support to make sure everything was OK. They congratulated him on his winnings and assured him that this was standard procedure.

Will he be able to withdraw his winnings?

We contacted GregHouse and he confirmed that his deposit was 100% raw money, and that he had no active bonuses on his account at that time. He therefore had no max bet to respect. On this basis, we cannot see any reason why VegasPlus would withhold his winnings.

With a maximum allowable withdrawal of $6,000 per month, it will take him 7 years to withdraw the full amount. He will need to be patient!

watch GregHouse on Twitch right here:

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