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Celsius casino Battles: challenge a player and collect his winnings

What if there was a game mode on Celsius Casino that allowed you to compete against other players and steal their winnings? We're not kidding, this is something that is possible on this casino.

What is Celsius casino?

Celsius is a crypto casino that keeps innovating to attract an ever increasing amount of players. Their latest innovation is truly original. It should please the most avid gamblers among you. Madness Bonus introduces you to the Celsius Casino Battles.

What are the Celsius Battles?

After having organised several tournaments among its players, Celsius Casino realised how much bettors enjoyed playing against each other. With this in mind, the casino team came up with a new tournament format.

Here is the idea. Players compete against each other on bonus buys on a given slot machine. The player who achieves the highest multiplier pockets the other players’ winnings in addition to his own. When we said you had to be an avid gambler to enjoy this type of tournament, we really meant it!

Let’s discover this format in detail.

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How to start a Celsius Battle?

In order to create a Battle on Celsius Casino, you need to follow several steps. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. From the casino home page, click on “Go to battles”
  2. On this page, click on “Create battle”
  3. Click on “Click to choose game” and choose a slot machine
  4. Then define the number of participants (from 2 to 15)
  5. Click on “Create battle”, and you are ready to play!
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My Battle is created, what now?

Let’s say you have created a battle room with this setup: 40€ bonus buy on Dog House Megaways. Buy your bonus on the machine and wait for other players to join you and do the same. The amounts won are then compared. The player with the highest multiplier pockets his opponents’ winnings.

By clicking on the “Available” button, you can also see the list of open battle rooms in order to join one (see screenshot below).

available battles

Additional information

You should know that a battle room is only open for 10 minutes. If no one joins your room, you get your winnings back and the room is automatically closed. In case of a tie, players get their own winnings back.

If no one joins your battle room, you can call a moderator to play against them. There is a special button for this purpose. Rakeback works with this game mode.

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