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Bonus hunt: which online casinos allow bonus hunting?

Bonus hunting is getting really popular among online casino players. We have all seen our favorite Twitch casino streamers open bonuses for hours, and we want to do the same. Beware, not all online casinos accept bonus hunts. With this quick guide, you will know on which casino you can do a bonus hunt without breaking the terms and conditions.

If you watch casino streamers on Twitch, you have probably seen them do a bonus hunt. If you arrived during the opening, you probably wondered « How does this streamer have so many bonuses? ». Be assured, we all had this question the first time we saw someone opening a bonus hunt.

This article is only the first one in a series of bonus hunt guides we are about to release.

On which online casino can I do a bonus hunt?

When looking to do a bonus hunt, you have to know that online casinos are split into three categories. There are the ones who don’t allow bonus hunting, the ones who allow it only when you play raw money (with no active bonus), and the ones who allow it whether you are playing raw or with an active bonus.

In the next part of this guide, we will take our partner casinos as examples.

The casinos who allow active bonus & raw bonus hunting

On the following casinos, you are allowed to do a bonus hunt with raw money and also with an active bonus:

The casinos who allow only raw bonus hunting

On these casinos, bonus hunting is only allowed when you play with raw money:

The casino who don’t allow bonus hunting

These casinos decided to now allow bonus hunting:

We highly advise you to comply to their decision if you don’t want your winnings to be voided.

What is a bonus hunt / bonus hunting?

When talking of bonus hunting, we are not referring to the practice of looking for a good welcome promotion and signing up for them multiple times. This would be called bonus abuse or bonus whoring.

A bonus hunt is the practice of playing on a slot machine and leaving it as soon as you unlock its bonus mode (most of the time by getting three scatters). You repeat this operation on other machines, until your balance gets close to zero. Once you are done stacking bonuses, you go back on these machines to play the free spins feature and collect your winnings.

We highly recommend you to use a spreadsheet to keep track of all the bonuses you stacked.

For more online casino terms definitions, read our article « Online casino glossary: casino from A to Z ».

The number ONE mistake you should not make

There is one mistake you should avoid at all cost when bonus hunting with an active bonus. Always stop collecting bonuses before your balance goes below €1. Allowing your balance to go to zero will cancel your wager. Doing this while bonus hunting is considered as bonus abuse.

The limit can be different from one casino to another.

If you want to avoid your balance going to zero, we advise you to do disable auto spinning. Doing your last spins manually is safer.

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