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6 tips to become an online casino streamer

You want to stream casino but you don't know where to start? Madness Bonus will give you 6 tips to make your new streaming adventure easier. Following this advice will help avoid basic mistakes.

We have all seen these casino streamers hit insane wins and be followed by thousands of viewers every day. Some of us even dream to start streaming casino and be as popular as they are one day. You don’t know where to start? Madness Bonus will give you 6 tips to start as a casino streamer on Twitch or any other platform.

#1 – Start building your community before contacting casinos

Online casinos partner up with streamers for exposure. If you start from scratch and have no community at all, they have no interest whatsoever to give you bonuses for free. What they expect from a partnership with a Twitch streamer is to attract new depositing players to their casino.

In order to get wagers and other bonuses from casinos, you must have a community. We advise you to begin by streaming your raw or deposit bonus sessions on your Twitch channel. This way, people will discover you and you will start building a follower base. After gaining a few hundred followers, you can start contacting casinos.

#2 – Choose your casinos wisely

One thing is really important when launching yourself as a casino streamer: how you choose your casinos. With a small community, contacting an extremely famous tier 1 casino will be counterproductive. Why? Because the biggest casino streamers already have a lot of affiliated players on these websites, making it harder for smaller streamers to attract new players.

« What should I do, then? » you will probably ask. The answer is pretty simple. Instead of contacting the most famous casinos, go for the less knows (but still trustable) ones. As they not very famous, you will have less difficulties attracting new depositing players.

#3 – Learn to manage your bankroll

Bankroll management and knowing your limits is very important when playing casino. It is even more true when you are a casino streamer. Why? Because small streamers usually get deposit bonuses instead of free wagers when they start their partnerships with casinos.

It means that you have to deposit, and get a 200 or 300% bonus on, top of your deposit, with a wager to complete. If you want your streams to last without spending too much, you understand why bankroll management is so important. Of course, the deals you want to find are the ones where you get a free wager.

Read our guide « Online casino bankroll management: learn to play smarter » to learn how to properly manage your bankroll.

#4 – Be honest and transparent with your community

If you want to last as a Twitch slot machines streamer, we strongly advise you to be fully honest and transparent with your community. Don’t say that you can withdraw your whole balance if you can’t. If they ask, explain them how you are paid by the casino (revshare, CPA, hybrid).

Lying to your viewers would only make you look like a streamer who does not care about his community. It would also give you a bad reputation. Trust us, you don’t want this kind of reputation when you start casino streaming.

#5 – Don’t invest all your economies into your stream

It would be like going all-in on a Blackjack table right after your deposit. Not a very wise decision, right? Of course, the quality of your streams are important for the viewers, but don’t jump the guns. Investing all your economies into your stream without even being sure that you will manage to build a community would be way too risky.

Just go step by step. You don’t need the most expensive microphone and webcam to have a decent quality broadcast. When you start getting revenue from your streams, it will be time to invest some back into it.

#6 – Give back to your community

Every single member of your community is precious. Never forget that. One thing that can help you retain your viewers and acquire new ones is to organise giveaways and raffles for them. It’s a nice way to give back to your community and to thank them for their presence on your streams.

It can also help you to extend and develop your community on social media, if you choose to host your giveaways on here.

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